Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I have a few resolutions for this year. Some of them are very blog oriented at first glance, but really, they just help my research stay on track.

Get through with inputting all family info that I currently have in documents in my genealogy program.
I still have two whole boxes of documents to go through, and they include (among others) newspaper articles, old passports, and my babybook.

Finish identifying and scanning all family pictures I have
One huge box of pictures still await my attention. I do not believe there are any more pictures in there from my father’s side of the family, so I’ll just have to ‘pester’ my mother for a few evenings to get them all identified.

Develop research plans for the next phase of research,
which is generation II (my parents), generation III (my grandparents) and generation IV (my great-grandparents
These are the generations I want to focus on this year. That gives me 14 people to research, although some of them have been researched by someone else before. Still, I would like to check his work with my own eyes, and see if I couldn’t possibly find something more.

Make a success of this blog by posting interesting post on Dutch or local history, my own research and family.
My own research (in the form of research log posts) and my own family (in the form of anecdotes, biographies and one of my planned series) will get a lot of attention. However, I’ve already discovered that Dutch history in general, and local history in specific are two very important parts of genealogy. These things might not give direct information on my ancestors, but they show something of the lives of my ancestors. I hope to convey this in these posts.

Get started on my two planned series
I’m planning two series that kind of fit together. One is a series about Dutch genealogy sources, how they work, what information they give. It’s meant as a research guide for people researching their ancestors in the Netherlands, and researching this will help me too, as I’m just beginning and haven’t really used these sources before.
A series that ties in with this is that I plan to show the information I have on my grandparents and great-grandparents, and discuss it. I’ve seen a lot of these posts on several of the blogs I read, and I find them not only interesting, but also helpful. I might not have the same records before me, but the method for reading them is still the same. This series will also be the practical examples of the series I mentioned before.

Post my own memories
I want to do this so others may know more about my and future generations have something more about me than I have about the generations before me. I plan to write one memory (not necessarily chronologically) a week and when I’ve ‘caught up’ I plan to print them all out and file them chronologically. (Might make a good memoir when I’m old ;) ) Of course, I’ll still keep writing my memories, but at least I’ll have some of them on file already. I’m most likely going to do this by topic (like school, holidays, etc).

This post was written for the 87th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy.


  1. Hi, thanks for the comment. Good luck on your own goals - you have some awesome ones!

  2. Good luck with your resolutions!

  3. Good luck with your resolutions; I look forward to reading the results! Will also be interested to read about German research, as it is a new area for me (my husband has German ancestors).

  4. @Greta: well, I plan to start this year on my German research, but I've already heard from several sources that it takes a lot of patience, and with an early review of what I do have I've already seen lots of problems with finding where to get info, so we'll see how it goes.