Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Research Log

Things I did last week:

I went through a stack of documents and papers, inputted the data in my genealogy program, and scanned the sensitive documents to reduce handling.

I identified a large stack of photo's and scanned all of them.

I made some progress in finding out more about my grandfather's past, due to talking to my uncle, who is, by the way, much better at remembering places and approximate dates than my father. He even pointed me in the direction of some documents that should be in my grandmother's possesion.

Things that got added to my to do list the past week:

Talk to my grandmother about the documents and get my great-aunt's phone number from her.

Call my great-aunt to ask her some questions about my grandfather's and her childhood.

Request persoonskaarten from the CBG for both of my grandfathers, my grandmother, and my other grandmother's parents. These should give me at least the next generation and a lot of information.

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