Friday, December 11, 2009

Research Log

Things I did last week:

I requested persoonskaarten from the CBG for both of my grandfathers, my grandmother, and my other grandmother's parents. These should give me at least the next generation and a lot of information. I’ll write a post about them soon; and pick them apart once they get here. It takes several weeks, and that’s not counting the Christmas holidays in between. It’s also not a certain case that I’ll get a persoonskaart for everyone I asked it for. If they can’t be found, it’s just bad luck. I’m very curious about them, especially the of my grandfather Klaas Mulder.

I did some searches for my grandfather’s (Adolph Knura) involvement with the local soccer club, and found out that this club has a historian that wrote a book about 100 years of soccer in our village. It also has about 80 unique historical pictures in it, according to a description I found on a site. I requested it from the library and am picking it up later today. I’m hoping to find mention of my grandfather in there, at the least, and I expect I will, as he is named on the clubs site in their brief section about the clubs history. I might also encounter both of my parents, who have been in several positions over the years before I was born, and with a bit of luck I might encounter brothers of both my father and my mother in the book.

Things that got added to my to-do list:

Contact the local soccer club historian about my grandfather and sources he used, after reading the book.

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