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Part 2: Adolph Knura In Memoriam

As I mentioned in Part 1, I found several In Memoriam articles about my grandfather Adolph Knura. In this post I’ll be taking a closer look at them. I’ll post the scan of the original, and then discuss the translation of the article below that.

This first In Memoriam is from a local newspaper. I don’t know which one, except that it’s a newspaper from Voorschoten, because the newspapers of Leiden have been digitalized and I have not been able to find this article there.

In Memoriam: Adolph Knura

Tuesday 30 January Adolph Knura passed away, 75 years old. With his passing the Voorschotense soccer community lost one of her greatest sons. Dolf Knura has earned respect at all 3 soccer clubs in Voorschoten. His first club was SVLV. He played there many years in the first team. After his long career as active soccer player comes an even longer period in which Dolf gives his all to his greatest hobby: soccer.

This paragraph confirms his death date. It also tells me he was involved in three soccer clubs and that he played soccer in the first team of SVLV. This will come in handy when I dig into whatever is left of the archives of SVLV from that time.

He stays with the players on the field, this time as referee. Next to refereeing he does a lot of maintenance work around the sport complex and manages the cafeteria of SVLV for many years with his wife. At the end of the sixties Dolf Knura decides to switch to Rouwkoop, nowadays Randstad Sport, because of several differences of opinion. Dolf had a great love for youth soccer. As such, it was no wonder that quickly came to manage the youth cafeteria of his new club at the MOC-terrain, now together with his daughter Lydia.

This paragraph tells me he was a referee. Maybe there are still records of that at the KNVB, the national soccer association here in the Netherlands. They train the referee’s and license them. It also tells me there were differences of opinion, maybe I can find out what they were by asking some people. It gives me a timeframe for his switch of clubs. It also tells me that my mother helped him in the cafeteria. I already knew this. There is, however, a mistake her. In this article her name is given as Lydia, which it’s not. It’s Lidy.

In this period, the early seventies, a new guild of young youth leaders appears. Dolf was the great mentor, one of these young youth leaders would eventually become his son in law, Kees Mulder. A lot of people still look back to this MOC-period with warm feelings.

Yes, the Kees Mulder mentioned here is my father. Got to look him up in the archives of Rouwkoop/Randstad Sport too.

Randstad Sport moves to sport park Adegeest, at the building of the new sport complex is Dolf predominantly present. He will apply himself completely to the daily maintance at Randstad Sport until 1982 and is a member of the youth committee under the leadership of Joop Zwager. In 1982 SV Voorschoten is founded and Dolf was closely involved. One last time he changed clubs. In this turbulent period a new sport complex is build in a few months time.

Not much new information here, but the fact that he was in a youth committee will give me yet another thing to look for in the archives of the club.

Dolf, master craftsman he is, is a part of the building committee and is working for the new club just about day and night in the summer of 1982. In the 8 years SV Voorschoten, Dolf can be found at the soccer fields nearly every day. He’s taken on the complete maintanence of the clubhouse ‘De Tent’ and on Saturdays he’s the center of the club. Receiving referees, pouring lemonade and tea at half-time and many other ‘small’ jobs.

A building committee, yet another thing to research. Perhaps I can find some things about the build in general too. And when reading the fact that he pours lemonade and tea at half-time I am reminded of a story my mother tells in which little me’s antics causes him to forget to do that for the first and last time in his life.

Dolf is not only a familiar face in Voorschoten, at the clubs in the region Knura was a familiar name and if the name wasn’t familiar he became, after a bit of conversation, that ‘small man with the white hair that poured lemonade and collected lost objects’. It describes Dolf to a t, the man in the background, not looking for a directorship. A sweet man, who might even put himself last a bit too much. Almost two years ago we got to do something in return, even if it was very little in comparison. For the occasion of the party for his 50 years of marriage, which Dolf was anticipating eagerly, we had the opportunity to show Dolf and his wife our great appreciation for everything this couple has done for us. Adolph, small very big man, rest in peace. We shall miss you.

In name of the direction and members of SV Voorschoten,
Willem van der Linden

A small sketch of who Adolph Knura was in this last paragraph, precious beyond recognition to me. The feast in honor of my grandparent’s 50 years of marriage is a topic for another day.

And because this has turned into such a long piece, the other, smaller In Memoriam and two very small pieces will be discussed in Part 3: Adolph Knura In Memoriam.

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  1. What a wealth of information, J.M. I think we all hope for such a find when researching our ancestors. And to have your parents included here, too, is extra special, I imagine.