Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Part 3: Adolph Knura In Memoriam

As I mentioned in Part 1, I found several In Memoriam articles about my grandfather Adolph Knura. In Part 2 I discussed the In Memoriam found in the local newspaper. In this part, I’ll discuss the In Memoriam pieces found in the club magazine of SV Voorschoten. I’ll post the scan of the original, and then discuss the translation of the article below that.

The first piece that mentions my grandfather comes from somewhere in the beginning of the club magazine. Perhaps in the foreword, or in the news items?

On this sad Saturday many accompanied Dolf Knura to his final resting place. An in memoriam can be read elsewhere in this magazine, but it seemed right to mention how great the interest was and thus how great the place was which he occupied in our club and in our hearts. We will think of him often.

Apparently, a lot of people from the soccer club went to his funeral. I do remember my mother once telling me there were a lot of people at his funeral. His funeral was on a Saturday, according to this.

The next piece is the actual In Memoriam found in the magazine, which was mentioned in the piece above.

The dismay among the people of SV was great when it was announced that Dolf Knura passed away suddenly on Tuesday 30 January. It overshadowed all other events. We would like to give our sincerest regards to the next of kin here and we wish them the strength to bear this loss.

This part tells me it was a Tuesday on which my grandfather died.

Dolf wasn’t completely healthy this last month and as a consequence he was absent more than usual. Still, he had many plans and jobs he would do as soon as he felt better. It wasn’t to be.
Mentioning all of the accomplishments of Dolf would fill a club magazine. He was invaluable to our club, and for all the entire Voorschotense soccer community. Once active as a talented soccer player with SVLV and working as a KNVB referee for a long time, after which he gave his knowledge and workforce selfless to the Voorschotense soccer community. Ever since the founding in 1982 of SV Voorschoten.

Once again, his career as a soccer player for SVLV is mentioned, as well as his referee career. Also, it is mentioned he wasn't feeling well before he died, something to ask my mother about.

Last Saturday we said goodbye to him. Goodbye to a friendly, loveable man, who sometimes dropped the towel in the ring if injustice was done to him, but who always came back. Because he was a clubman through and through. He was so much a part of everything, not to be missed at the SV complex. Sure, it will be difficult to get used to now seeing him there. But on the other hand, he will always be there. His name will be mentioned there often and he will never be forgotten. Dolf, thanks.

In name of the direction of SV Voorschoten,
K.R. Verrips, secr.

Yet another character sketch, which this time mentioned a slightly negative character point.

In what I assume is the same magazine, one other piece is found. It’s a game report.

Game report
S.V.O.W. – Voorschoten 5 2-1
After the rain came down in waterfalls, the players were silent for 1 minute in remembrance of Mr. Knura.

I imagine this was the Sunday after the funeral. Something else to find out.

I hope that with this short series about my grandfather’s In Memoriam articles I not only gave you a glimpse into my grandfather’s life, but also showed how volunteer work our ancestors did left traces that can be found. The In Memoriam articles on their own are a treasure of information, but, as I have shown in my comments, it is also another clue on where to look for information next.

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  1. Again, J.M. Thanks so much for this very information post and all the tips on where we might look for our ancestors.