Saturday, January 16, 2010

Research Log

1 januari 2010

I looked through the newspaper archives of Leiden and found some clues. I looked up Knura and Lamboo. Need to get back to this and do it properly sometime in the future.

Found the parents of my grandmother H.G. Lamboo, worked on their records. I transcribed a couole of the ones from her father Bernardus Johannes Lamboo that I could access digitally (scans).

Entered a lot of records for my parents that I have lying around here, archived them properly.

6 januari 2010

Found grave Adriana Versloot on site
Searched for Ariana Versloot in archive Almaar, who also has the collection of Den Helder (place of birth Klaas Mulder, her son), found 1 entry, stated name of her husband as Salomon Mulder, born Leiden, born 28 november 1900. In this entry it states several moves from and moves back to Den Helder.

Looked in the Rotterdam archives because it was one of the places named in the previous source, found their marriage certificate. This also gave me the names of their parents. Also found Adriana’s birth certificate there.

Looked in archive Leiden on-line, two entries, no birth entry, which should be available, need to look it up in the archive itself.

Still need to process this information correctly and completely.

9 january

Searched for Salomon Mulder with the National Institute of Militairy History, found a possible lead and one definite lead, need to go there to check it out.

Put some more Knura documents into my genealogy program, found something about my grandfather’s time in the German military during WW 2, from the date it looks like it wasn’t long before he was injured in Russia and went AWOL to get back to his family, but I don’t fully understand it so I need to go dig up my German to Dutch dictionary and see if I can scan it in and enhance the image, because some of it is hard to read.

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