Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daily Stats 2010 GeneaBlogger Winter Games - Monday 15th and Thursday 18th and Saturday 20th February

These stats are from last Monday. I've got the flu right now, so I haven't done anything since Monday and I didn't post those stats yet. I might have enough energy to do a little bit before the deadline Friday, I sure hope so.

Stats from Monday:

18 citations, 19 data entries, 12 documents filed, genea-good-deed (I shared data with another genealogist and supplied him with some missing data; although I admit I received a lot in return.), made a page for my blog on which to house my series: Genealogy in the Netherlands, looked at some articles about research in Germany at FamilySearch.

Stats from Thursday:

The 90th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy was posted and I'm in it. I'm counting that as task B of category 5.

Stats from Saturday:

I commented on all the posts of the COG and although I knew quite a few of the blogs, I also encountered some new ones. So task A of category 6 is complete.

Overall stats:

Category 1: 29 citations
Category 2: nothing
Category 3: task D complete (20 photo’s), task E complete (21 data entries) part of task B (3 digital file), part of task A (12 documents)
Category 4: task D complete
Category 5: task B complete, task E complete
Category 6: task A complete

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  1. Thank you very much for stopping by. Keep up the great work for the GeneaBlogger Winter Games! You are oing a wonderful job!