Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daily Stats 2010 GeneaBlogger Winter Games - Sunday 21st February

Daily stats:

Category 4 :

Task A complete (pre-posted, will show tomorrow)

task C complete

task E complete

Category 5:

task A, I already had a summary, but changed it since it needed updating. My summary is the about-me piece on my profile

task B again, I already had a post in the COG that came on-line during the Games, but it was posted before the Games. Now I posted a post for the Smile For The Camera festival, but that festival won’t be on-line before the end of the Games

task C, I pre-posted several posts that will show up this week and next week

task F, I participated in challenge 7 and 8, both were pre-posted and will show up this week

Category 6:

task B, I added Bertje Knura’s gravestone to Find A Grave


Category 1: 29 citations
Category 2: nothing
Category 3: task D complete (20 photo’s), task E complete (21 data entries) part of task B (3 digital file), part of task A (12 documents)
Category 4: task A complete, task C complete, task D complete, task E complete
Category 5: task A compete, task B complete, task C complete, task E complete, task F complete
Category 6: task A complete, task B complete

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