Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fearless Females - Promt #2

Post a photo of one of your female ancestors. Who is in the photo? When was it taken? Why did you select this photo?

Henriette Geertruida Lamboo - approximately end of the 1950's - beginning of the 1960's

This picture shows my grandmother Henriette Geertruida Lamboo doing a puzzle. It was one of her favorite pastimes and I fondly remember the times when I would 'help' when I was little. I can hardly remember a time when there wasn't a half-done puzzle on the dining room table at my grandmother's when I went there. I still have several of her puzzles and sometimes, when I miss her, I get one out and put it together. The picture might not be of the best quality, but it's one of my favorites nevertheless.

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  1. It must have been fun to visit your grandmother; I've always thought that a "puzzle in progress" was one of the homiest touches. Unfortunately, we cannot keep a puzzle out because our cats think that it's their toy!