Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fearless Females - Promt #3

Do you share a first name with one of your female ancestors? Perhaps you were named for your great-grandmother, or your name follows a particular naming pattern. If not, then list the most unique or unusual female first name you’ve come across in your family tree.

No, I don't share a first name with one of my ancestors, which was delibiratly done by my mother. The 'female family name' is Henriette, which, unfortunately, is almost always shortened to Jet. My grandmother hated the shortening, and although she named my mother Henriette, she gave my mother a completely different calling name. My mother, in turn, did the same with me, giving me a completely different name.

When looking at my family tree, the name that jumps out the most is Catharina van Haastrecht. Most of the names of the females in the tree are fairly traditional, like Henriette, Alida, Petronella, Geertruida and Johanna. Catharina is fairly 'fancy' compared to the other names in the tree and so far, also unique.

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