Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ancestor Approved Award

I’ve been honoured with the Ancestor Approved Award by Miriam from Ancestories: The Stories of My Ancestors, and by Dorene from Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay, and also by Cheryl from Heritage Happens.

The Ancestor Approved Award asks that the recipient list ten things you have learned about any of your ancestors that has surprised, humbled, or enlightened you and pass the award along to ten other bloggers who you feel are doing their ancestors proud.

My ancestors have surprised me many times, but I’ll share some of the biggest surprises:

1. I discovered that my grandfather Adolph Knura was imprisoned by the Dutch government after World War II on suspected treason. Neither I nor my mother (his daughter) knew about this. I briefly blogged about it here, but this is definitely a surprise that I need to look into some more.

2. I always knew my great-grandfather Salomon Mulder had been a POW in World War II, but to my great surprise, he had been imprisoned in a prison camp in Singapore. I never would’ve looked for him there, if I hadn’t found the information in his military record, which I recently acquired and blogged about here.

3. Another surprise came out of Salomon Mulder’s military record. It was stated he was Roman-Catholic, which came as a big surprise because his son (my grandfather), Klaas Mulder, was definitely Nederlands-Hervormd. I did some checking with my grandmother, and she told me my grandfather converted to Nederlands-Hervormd during his stay in the Dutch East Indies. Another thing learned.

4. A big surprise came from Anna Knura, the sister of my grandfather Adolph Knura. I’d always believed that the Van Aken family was connected to my family by marriage with a Lamboo. However, it was Anna Knura who married a Van Aken and in fact, she came here from Germany almost ten years before my grandfather did! Now that came as a big surprise! Read about that particular discovery here.

5. My recent visit to the CBG, blogged about here, brought a great surprise. I knew that there was a Wesselo Family Archive there, but I never expected it to be six boxes full of pictures, letters and documents of almost all of the Wesselo’s that are my direct ancestors and their brothers and sisters. I was literally blown away.

Of course, except for surprises, there are plenty of ancestors who humble me with their actions. Here are a few examples:

6. My grandfather Adolph Knura spend most of his life doing volunteer work with the local soccer clubs. I blogged about that in this post. Whenever I read and hear how much he has done in his life, I am humbled. Because, really, next to that, I’m kinda lazy looking…

7. I am humbled by the love and generosity of my parents. They set an example I might never be able to meet, yet still strive for.

There are many ancestors who have stories that enlighten me, but some are even more remarkable than others. Funnily enough, they’re all woman!

8. My mother, she sets a great example of how a mother should be. I want to be her when I grow up! No really, I am not kidding. I know most people have some things they would do different from their parents when they have their own children. But when I look at my mother, I really and truly don’t want to do anything different.

9. My great-grandmother Adriana Versloot, whom I briefly blogged about here, is still shrouded in mystery. Still, with every bit of the puzzle I collect, my admiration for her grows. Married to a marine who doesn’t seem to live in the same place for more than a couple of years, having three children, being a POW in World War II and eventually losing your life while imprisoned; it all paints the story of a hard life. But she left behind a strong and loving impression on my grandfather and I know she helped shape the man he became. Because of that, she is an example for me.

10. My grandmother HenriĆ«tte Geertruida Lamboo was born in a time period where she didn’t get all the chances women today have. Still, she lived her life to the fullest, always learning, always giving, always there. I did a brief biography of her life in this blogpost. She is and will always be a great inspiration to me.

Now I know you are supposed to pass the award on to 10 bloggers, but since there is no way I can choose, I pass this on to every blogger who reads this post who hasn't received this award yet!

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