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Looking For Lamboo Part II: Adolph Knura

Last time I looked at the primary source for Henriëtte Geertruida Lamboo. This time, I’m going to take a look at the primary sources of her husband, Adolph Knura. Considering the fact that married partners spend a great part of their lives together, it’s good practice to look into sources that are primarily about the partner of your research subject for information about your research subject.

As with Henriëtte, civil registration records for Adolph Knura are not public yet. However, his persoonskaart is. Below in the pictures you can see the front and the back of the card. I blacked out all info on his living children. Translation follows below the pictures. My own comments are in the brackets.

Front of the card:
Box 1 gaVR [civil archive Voorschoten] 27 Apr 59 [1959] AA [Don’t know the meaning of AA, but 27 April 1959 is the date the civil records were compared to the data on the card, approximately a year after Adolph got the Dutch nationality]

Box 2 Women [This is clearly a mistake, it should have read Husband or at the very least Male]

Box 3a Knura
Box 3b Adolph

Box 4 Born on 1 Juli 1914, city Bottrop, country Germany

Box 5 Nationality Vr [crossed out, possibly stands for stranger/foreigner which he was until 1958] Ned [short for The Netherlands] see box 35

Box 7 Occupation: painter (o) [The o means he was an employee]

Box 8 Son of: Josef – and Zbieszczyk, Sophia

Box 9 and 10 Married with: Lamboo, Henriëtte Geertruida

Box 11 and 12 Born on 15 Dec 13 [1913] in Zoeterwoude [Here we have confirmation on Henriëtte’s birth date and place]

Box 13 Married on 11 May 38 [1938] in Voorschoten [Confirmation of their marriage date]

Box 21 and 22 [These contain a list of addresses Adolph lived and the dates the change of addresses were reported]
BOTTROP (Dld) [Germany]
25 Feb 32 [1932] Voorstraat 7 [Voorschoten]
12 May 38 [1938] Burg Vernèdepark 14 [Voorschoten] [This is the day after Henriëtte and Adolph were married, so it is very likely this is the house they moved to]
20 Dec 40 [1940] Burg Vernèdepark 54 [Voorschoten]
24 Apr 41 [1941] Badhuisstraat 18 [Voorschoten]
13 Sep 45 [1945] [Address blacked out for privacy reasons, address still in Voorschoten] [I know for a fact that Henriëtte and Adolph lived at this address until 1990, Adolph died before the move was comlete]

Box on the lower right side:
Died in Leiden on 30 Jan 1990

Back of the card:
Box 27-32 [These boxes give information on all of Adolph’s children. All of his children come from his marriage with Henriëtte and this information matches what is on Henriëtte’s persoonslijst, but this card provides a little more information. I blacked out the data of the living children, but once again left Bertje’s information available]

O [stands for deceased] 11 Sep 61 [1961] in Leiden, Lambertus Johannes Adolphus, Born 19 Jun 55 [1955] in Voorschoten

Box 35 Naturalized by law v 18 Dec 57 [1957], Stb 538, valid from 1 Jan 58 [1958]; change added on 16 Jan 58 [1958]
[Here we have information on Adolph’s naturalization, which was quite late. This had some effect on his children, but not on Henriëtte, she was and remained throughout her life a Dutch citizen.]

So what information about Henriëtte did we get by looking at Adolph Knura’s primary records? Well, first of all it gave us confirmation on Henriëtte’s date and place of birth and the date and place of her marriage. It also gave us a list of addresses where she could’ve lived during her life, from her marriage onward. However, here it is very important to note that a) this information is not flawless (as shown by the epithet of woman used for my grandfather!), b) the addresses listed are addresses for Adolph Knura and therefore do not necessarily mean the rest of the family lived there too and c) a lot of these address changes were during the war years and considering my grandfather was a German and therefore likely to be called to serve in the military (and eventually was), it is plausible that the address changes were just him moving around or him saying he was moving around. The records are suspicious and need further looking into. So, while the addresses are a nice place to start, they need to be corroborated by other sources, both for Adolph as for Henriëtte.

Next time, we’ll take a look at the secondary sources I have for Henriëtte, collected from closets of various family members. Perhaps we’ll find some new information and we might even corroborate some of the information we found in the primary sources.

Personal knowledge J. Mulder, granddaughter of Henriëtte Geertruida Lamboo
Persoonskaart: CBG, persoonskaart Adolph Knura (1914-1990).

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