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Looking For Lamboo Part III: Secondary Sources for Henriette

Last time I looked at the information I could find on Henriette in the primary documents of Adolph Knura. It was quite a bit of information, but most of it was confirmation of what was in Henriette's primary sources. Almost all of the information was names and dates, but to tell her story I want more information. So, out come the secondary sources.

The first source I have is a notification of the marriage ban of Adolph Knura and Henriette Geertruida Lamboo. It also served as the wedding invitation, because all the information about the date and place of the marriage is on there. The time and place of the marriage is on Wednesday 11 May 1938, in the H. Laurentius Church in Voorschoten at 9.30.

This source also has a little goldnugget of information that is very hard to find elsewhere. It states the current addresses of the couple and the address they will be living in after the wedding! Voorstraat 7 and Burgemeester Vernèdepark 54 are named as the current addresses. Last time, I showed you that one of the addresses of Adolph Knura mentioned on his persoonskaart is Voorstraat 7, which means that Burgemeester Vernèdepark 54 is Henriette's address. The address the married couple moved into is Burgemeester Vernèdepark 14, which is corroborated by Adolph's persoonskaart.

The next document I have that mentions Henriette is Adolph Knura's German passport. It was issued on 15 October 1952 and Henriette is recorded in there as his wife, with picture and everything. Besides giving her birthdate, birthplace and place of residence, it also gives a description of her. She's described as 159 centimeters in lenght, oval shaped face and green eyes. The four children that were born at the time the passport was issued are also noted in there with their names and birthdates.

I also have a Dutch passport for Henriette herself, but this one was issued on 14 December 1987. It once again gives us a birthdate and place and the current place of residence. Here too, a description is given, but very brief. 151 centimeters tall and green eyes. It also contains a picture and signature of Henrietter.

This passport also shows a trip she made to Australia, almost two years after her husband died. She arrived on 10 December 1991 in Australia and left 23 January 1992. She visited her eldest daughter, who lives in Australia, during this trip.

I also have a tourist card for Henriette in my possesion. This tourist card was issued on 4 June 1960 and was a short-term 'passport' that could be used for a trip within several European Countries, among which was Germany. The tourist card was most likely requested by Henriette for a trip to Adolph Knura's family in Bottrop.

Th card itself doesn't give any new information, once again containing a birthdate, birthplace and current place of residence. It does, however, contain a picture.

The last paper source I have that mentions Henriette is one of Adolph Knura's In Memoriams. In it, it says that Adolph and his wife (Henriette) manage the SVLV clubhouse for years. SVLV is a local soccer club. This was in the years 1945-1965, give or take a few years.

This time we learned quite a lot. We got some more details about Adolph and Henriette's marriage, we got information about two addresses where Henriette lived, we got information about two trips she took and we got a description! Also, she helped her husband for years with managing the clubhouse of the local soccer club.

Next time: pictures as secondary sources.

Ondertrouw aankondiging van A. Knura en H.G. Lamboo, 21 April 1938, Voorschoten, Zuid-Holland, Familiearchief Mulder, Voorschoten.
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"In Memoriam voor Adolph Knura" undated clipping, February 1990, from unidentified newspaper; Familiearchief Mulder; privately held 2010 by J. Mulder, [address for private use], Voorschoten.

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