Monday, April 12, 2010

Looking For Lamboo Part IV: The Stories Pictures Tell

Yesterday I wrote about all the secondary sources I have for Henriette and what they tell about her life. Today, I'm taking a look at the pictures I have of her and what new information they can give me. Sometimes, a picture is all you have of an event and they can hold surprising amounts of information, especially if you talk to your relatives about it.

The first picture that presents me with new information is the one below, taken around 1920-1921. It's a picture of my grandmother when she's in primary school, so I now know for sure she was in primary school. Primary schools are always local, and she lived in Voorschoten all her life, so she went to the local primary school in Voorschoten. Also, she was Roman Catholic, so she went to the local, Roman Catholic primary school in Voorschoten.

I have a picture of Henriette and Adolph's 35 year marriage party, their 40 year marriage party and, depicted below, their 50 year marriage party. So I know they threw parties!

I know my grandmother liked to do puzzles. This picture, taken somewhere around 1955-1965 shows just how early that hobby had grabbed her!

This picture shows Henriette on a trip with the organization Zonnebloem. It's an organization that battles loneliness in elderly people, among other things, and they organize several (day-)trips a year. My grandmother always went.

And then we come by the MYSTERY PICTURES! The first one shows my grandmother with the group of girls, the second one is an assembly (where I'm sure she's too, I just can't make her out). The organization is girls-only, as far as I can see, and must be Roman Catholic. The pictures where taken between 1925-1935, approximately. I have no idea what organization this is.

So what did we learn? My grandmother attended the local Roman Catholic primary school, threw a party when she was married for 35 years, 40 years and 50 years. (Maybe 25 and 12 1/2 too?) She liked to puzzle early on in life and participated in Zonnebloem trips. Also, she was a member of an organization in her teenage years.

I'm currently making inquiries about what organization is depicted on the mystery pictures and in the summer months I'm going to take a look in the local archive of Voorschoten to see if I can find more information about the primary school she attended.

Next time, we'll take a look at the information I've managed to gather about Henriette in one formal interview with my mother and one small, informal talk with my mother.

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