Saturday, April 3, 2010

Visit to the CBG

Yesterday I spend my very first day at an archive, looking at actual sources instead of copies and digital images. The archive that I visited was the Central Bureau for Genealogy (Centraal Bureau voor Genealogy, CBG), which is the Dutch information and documentation centre for genealogy, family history and related sciences. It's not a governmental archive, but a private one, and as I am a member of the CBG, I have free access to the studyroom.

I must say, I spend the entire day there and it was still too short! Especially considering the fact that there are six (!) boxes of the family archive Wesselo, which contains letters, documents and pictures of almost all of my Wesselo ancesters. But also from other branches I am investigating there is a lot of material. I didn't even have the time to properly look at it all.

There were two highlights of this visit. The first one is that I might've found a related Knura, and if that is the case, than I have a clue as to where Bergmann Josef Knura was born! I can't be certain yet, but it's a start and far more than I expected to find.

The second was a handwritten letter by Johanna Wilhelmina Boezel to her two sons Hendrik Wesselo and Jan Jerphaas Wesselo. Hendrik Wesselo is my great-great-grandfather. There was also some accompanying information written out by a Wesselo, that gave a bit of background information about some points in the letter.

Of course there were many more gems in the Wesselo family archive, not to mention some great little tidbits on other lines. It'll take at least a couple of more visits to get everything written down, but that's half the fun!


  1. Congratulations on your findings! It sounds like you'll have many more return visits to the archives :)