Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mystery Pictures, Still No Luck....

In this post, I wrote about two pictures I have of my grandmother, where she's shown as a member of an as of yet unidentified organization.

In hopes of finding out what this organization might be, and knowing in which time period and approximately where the photo was taken, and also knowing it had to have been a Roman Catholic organization, I send digital images of the two pictures to the local history museum of Voorschoten with the question if they had any idea what organization it could be.

In the second week of May I got an answer. They think my grandmother might have attended the boarding school 'Huize Bijdorp', which was a Roman Catholic school for young ladies from affluent families. There is however, doubt because of the man in one of the pictures, who clearly poses together with the girls, as the school was run by nuns and the only men that were there where the gardner and his help.

Together with that, I have my doubts also. First of all, while my grandmothers father had a good job, he was still only middle class, and didn't belong to the upper class, so it's highly unlikely that any of his daughters would've been sent to 'Huize Bijdorp'. Also, I know that my grandmother only did primary school, and the girls in the pictures look to be in their teens.

My own doubts, coupled with the doubts of the museum people, make me think this is not a picture of my grandmother attending 'Huize Bijdorp'. So, back to square one, with no idea what organization it is, and one less source to go to and ask.

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