Saturday, June 19, 2010

Knura Connection Or Not?

When I was at the Central Bureau for Genealogy on April third of this year, I found a genealogy statement made during the German occupation. All police officers and several other civil servants were required to fill in a form stating their parents and grandparents, as well as their partners parents and grandparents, to prove they were not Jewish. In one such document, I found a possible connection to my grandfather Adolph Knura.

This particula document was the genealogy statement of Willem Frederik Hendrik Hendriks, whose wife is Augusta Martha Knura. Now here's where it gets interesting. Augusta was born in Bottrop, Germany on 17 April 1905, is Roman-Catholic and her parents are listed as Anton Knura, miner, deceased in Bottrop on 18 December 1914 and Victoria Durczak, deceased in Bottrop on 23 February 1941.

It seems to me that it is very, very coincidental that there is another Knura who's a miner in Bottrop without it being family of Bergmann Josef Knura, the father of Adolph, who was also a miner. Now here's the catch: I do not know the birth place or date of Bergmann, but I do know the birth place and date of Anton Knura! If they are indeed related, I can search for Bergmann Josef Knura in Anton's birth place and see if I find anything.

I know it's not much, and I'm not going to follow up on it for now, as there are easier ways to find out more about Bergmann Josef Knura. But if I hit a brick wall, I will certainly keep this in mind and if Bergmann and Anton do end up sharing the same birth place, I will look for the connection between the two, if there is one. It's just something to keep in mind!

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