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Amenuensis Monday: Letter with Descriptions of Photo's

I'm joining in Amenuensis Monday, the weekly blogging theme hosted by John Newark of Transylvanian Dutch Genealogy. I will transcribe and translate documents, the transcriptions will go directly into my genealogy database and the translations will be posted here. The translations will be in modern language with modern spelling, as it's hard enough to translate already!

My current project is the Wesselo family documents of the generations I am researching this year. I'm starting with Lodewijk Wesselo, the eldest son of the second marriage of Hendrik Wesselo, and his wife Elisabeth Lubach.

This week a translation of a letter found in the family archive Wesselo at the CBG. It was written by D.J. Wesselo, the man who eventually gave the archive to the CBG. The recipient was the archivist of the city archive Middelburg. Included where four photographs, which were added to the collection of the archive according to a short letter also in the family archive. This last letter did not contain any usefull information, so I did not transcribe it.

Translation of letter written bij D.J. Wesselo to the Archive of Middelburg, dated 22 August 1988

From the estate of my cousin, Ms. Antje Wesselo – born in Voorschoten on 1 Novemeber 1902 and deceased in Rotterdam on 19 October 1986 – are the included memories of her from the period 1912-1920 when she lived with her parents in the city Middelburg. Because I did not see the usefulness of including these pictures in my family archive and on the other hand didn’t think it was sensible to destroy them, I thought it would be a good idea to offer them to you. Perhaps you know of someone who would appreciate them, if they are of no value to the city archive.

The father of the above named Antje was in the previously stated period the manager of the branch office of the Edelmetaalbedrijven van Kempen, of which the branch office in Middelburg was situated on the Lange Delft. Although Middelburg is virtually unknown to me, I was able to tracé this place with the help of the family pictures and letters I have in my possession. Accompanying the pictures:

I Previously this jewelry store was managed by one Mr. Van Gorcum en after Mr. Wesselo left in 1920 the store was sold to Mr. R. Verhoog. At which occasion this parade on the Lange Delft was held is unclear to me – on the back of the photograph is written: Middelburg 27/5 ’12. Considering the flags hanging from the front of the houses it must have been held for the occasion of a national occasion, at which the band ‘Mozart’ from Ierseke (with banner) provided her cooperation. On this photograph is on the left side the branch store of van Kempen visible, from which from the upstairs windows the family Wesselo shows their appreciation;
II Who Mr. De John is according to the backside is unclear to me, as is the place where the picture was taken;
III Is most likely a postcard pciture, which you might know from commercial sales;
IV Given the later added canopy roof, this picture will date from after 1912 (compare to picture I)

I hope that I have given you pleasure with the sending of these photographs.


D.J. Wesselo


1. We learn two vital dates here for Antje Wesselo: her birth in Voorschoten on 1 Novemeber 1902 and her death in Rotterdam on 19 October 1986. Especially the last one is of interest, as the death certificate will not be public until 50 years after someone is deceased.
2. We learn that Lodewijk and his family lived in Middelburg from 1912-1920, when he was manager of the branch office of the Edelmetaalbedrijven (translation: precious metal companies) van Kempen, of which the branch office in Middelburg was situated on the Lange Delft.
3. On 27 May 1912, the family was already in Middelburg, and there was a parade, most likely for a national occasion. I’ve googled it, but have been unable to find what that might have been.
4. I have written to the Zeeland Archives, of which the city archive of Middelburg is now a part, in hopes they still have these pictures and are able to help me identify them. I hope to hear from them within the next two weeks.


Familiearchieven: CBG, fa 00472, familiearchief Wesselo, Doos 1, portfolio 1. "Letter to city archive Middelburg"

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