Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Searching for Photographs

In my Amenuensis Monday post of last Monday I transcribed a letter in which descriptions of four photographs were given. These photo's were gifted to the City Archive of Middelburg, which is now a part of the Zeeland Archives. I wrote to them about a week ago asking if they could help me trace these pictures.

Yesterday I got a reply. They have been trying to find these photo's, but at the moment they aren't having much luck. They have not yet been digitalized, or if they were, they cannot be found using search terms provided by the descriptions.

The letter of the archivist, which states that they have been added to the collection, has been found, but which collection they were added to is not stated. They photographs also do not appear on the list of acquired items of 1988, the year in which they were added to the collection.

But, there is still hope. The archivist that got the letter and the photographs and wrote that they had been added to the collection still works for the Zeeland Archives. He's currently on holiday, but my enquiry has been forwarded to him. I hope that he might be able to find the photographs, once he returns from his holiday.

For now, all I can do is wait patiently...

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