Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rewarding Myself

On Thursday I spent half a day at the CBG Archive, transcribing the last of the letters written by Lodewijk Wesselo. I now have to type them out on my computer and input the information contained in them into my genealogy program. It's a sometimes tedious job and very labour intensive. What starts out as fun quickly grows less fun as you work hour after hour, with only three or four letters to show for it at the end.

The situation seems even more daunting when you realize that out of the 12 children there are, Lodewijk is only the first one you've done this for. That means there are 11 more children to go!

But I've found a way of rewarding myself. I've given myself permission to write Lodewijk's biography after I've transcribed and inputted all of the data about him. Yes, it's probably better to wait until after I've gone through the whole Wesselo archive, but seeing as there are 6 boxes, that could take a while.

I've got most of the information, and I don't think there are any surprises waiting for me about Lodewijk when I go through the information on his siblings and parents. Maybe some clarifications, yes, but no real surprises.

So, tomorrow I'll do the last of the letters. And then I am free to write, which I love to do. Turning his life into a story that can be read by my family, combining my love for writing and genealogy. That's my ultimate goal. And I've put the entire Monday aside for that. Lucky me!

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  1. It sounds like you've set a big job for yourself. And what an accomplishment already to have translated all of his letters. I hope you are enjoying the writing.