Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Sheet Bergmann Josef Knura

Bergmann Josef Knura (#12), born circa 1879 Germany or Poland in the region Silesia, died after 1928 in Bottrop, Germany. Parents unknown.

Married Sophia Zbieszczyk (#13), born circa 1884 Germany or Poland in the region Silesia, died Bottrop, Germany. Parents unknown.

Children from this marriage:

a. Anna Knura (1905-1994)
b. Maria Knura (1908-?)
c. Adolph Knura (1914-1990) (Family Sheet)
d. Paul Knura (?-?)
e. E. Knura (?-?)
f. Karl Knura (?-?)
g. Ger Knura (?-?)
h. Miel (?-?)

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