Friday, September 3, 2010

Housekeeping and Planning

I did some housekeeping today, adding surname pages and family sheets so people visiting my blog can more easily access my research and see what I am doing. I did this because I realized that I needed to adjust my plans. I can now clearly see I have bitten off far more than I can chew for this year, so I narrowed down my plans for the last months of the year.

I have four main goals I hope to accomplish in the remainder of 2010.

1. Finish my research on the Dutch Knura's, namely my grandfather and his sister, as well as the Dutch years of my grandfather's other sister and his brothers.

I have updated my research plan for my grandfather, there are three main things I still need to find sources for. His captivity in Camp Vught and subsequent release, his migration into the Netherlands, and his naturalization in the '50s. I have the archives where I can look for these sources, just need to find the time to search for them. Some of the archives I need permission for to look into, and that needs to be done in writing.

For my grandfather's sister, I need to find her migration into the country and I want to look up the documents she entered in order to get married. Unfortunately, these most likely reside in our local, very unhelpfull, archive. If that's the case, I might never get to see them.

As for the rest of the Knura's, I need to find their migration into and out of the country. I hope that I can find this, but I am not sure. The one I am most interested in, though, is his other sister. I believe this is the sister that entered the Netherlands the first, perhaps together with the sister that stayed here.

2. Finish my research into Lodewijk Wesselo and write his biography (both the Dutch and the English version)

I have all the documents, I just need to transcribe some of it (yes, still), then I am free to write his biography.

3. Visit the two local graveyards in search of my ancestors graves.

One I am visiting tomorrow, I am not sure what I will find there. The other one has a very searchable site, so I know who I am going to find there, just need to find the time to go there. It's a bit further away.

4. Finish filing all my documents.

It's just one box. One full box, but still, just one box. Four months, should be doable, right?

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