Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sentimental September

How often have we wanted to find letters, a diary, or even a proper autobiography written by our ancestors? For however many documents we find, few tells us so much about our ancestor's daily lives, thoughts and dreams as those written by our ancestors themselves. Yet as we research our ancestors and wish for documents like that to turn up, how often do we ourselve leave such documents behind?

It was for this reason that at the beginning of this year I made the resolution to write down my own memories, so they will be recorded for my descendants. So future generations will never have the regret of not asking me for them when I was still alive.

However, I did not post or even write down nearly as many memories as I would have liked. So, in a bid to catch u, I am calling the remainder of this month Sentimental September. Every day I will post at least one memory, but more often then not I will post a memory group, either a group of memories about the same period of time or about the same subject.

I am not going to care about the order of these memories, or even about repeating them. The important thing is to get them down. It doesn't have to be neat and precise. I can order them later, clean them up when I've gotten most of it down on paper. Or if I'll never get to that, my descendants can have that job. I'm sure they'll be thankfull I wrote it down and won't care about order or neatness.


  1. I am hoping that my blog will serve as a repository for my memories....I have never kept a journal or diary either.