Monday, December 27, 2010

My genealogy research/writing plan for 2011

Taking a bit of a break from my blogging hiatus to write up my genealogy research/writing plan for 2011 for the next edition of the COG.

Genealogy research

My big project for 2011 will be researching Salomon Mulder. I’ve devided it into four sections: his childhood, his military career prior to 1942, his time as a POW, and his final years of his military career and his pension.

I also need to finish my research of Adolph Knura. I still need to find out some things about his migration, for which I will need to visit the Regional Archive of Leiden, and his naturalization. During that visit to the RAL, I also need to search for the last puzzle pieces of the Knura migration, with special attention to Anna and Maria Knura.

And finally, when the weather turns warm again, I want to visit Rosenburgh cemetery. A lot of my relatives are buried there.


Plenty to do on that end. In January, I want to finish the biography of Lodewijk Wesselo. I also want to edit the biography of Henriette Geertruida Lamboo, but that won’t be done until later in the year. At the end of the year, when my research into him is completed, I want to write up the biography of Adolph Knura.

As for my blog, in the first half of the year, I am going to do a series about exploring a family legend and the puzzles and surprises along the way. In the second half of the year, I will be doing a series about the Dutch Monarchs.

Plenty to do, so little time. I’m going back to my blogging break now. I’ll need the energy!


  1. Great plans! I'm especially looking forward to the blog series on the family legend.

  2. I wish I was as organized as you :) I too am anxious to read about the legend in your family.

    Jan at Cow Hampshire

  3. I look forward to reading about the family legend too.