Monday, June 4, 2012

118th COG Is Here: Reading!

The topic of the 118th Canival of Genealogy is Reading! There were some great posts. My favorites are:

Reading! A Family History of Books

So recognizable, not knowing where to put the books anymore! “What I love about my collection is the books cover a wide range of topics spanning 6 generations of owners.”

Reading, Then and Now

Evolution of a readers life. “During my junior high years (12-14), I was done with animal stories and nurses. I was boy crazy and all I wanted to read were books about teenage girls chasing teenage boys.”

Carnival of Genealogy 118th edition: Reading

Her case of “readeritis” is so very, very recognizable. “When you walk into someone’s house for the first time, do you have to contain your curiosity about what’s on their book shelves? Do you think twice, mentally reviewing the trust-worthiness of the person in front of you, before you lend a treasured book?”

All the wonderful posts submitted to this edition of the COG can be found here.

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