Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little Blog Update

I've updated several pages of my blog today:

I'v expanded the 'About Me' page; there's more information about the specific regions my genealogical research focusses on and what projects I'm currently working on.

I've added two generations to 'My Ahnentafel'

I've consolidated some of my surname pages, and have given each of my great-grandparents (and their ancestors) their own page. I've added some information there as well. Hopefully this will allow for better navigation through my site.

I do still need to add some links, as well as make several Family Sheet posts. These posts will start to show up in the coming days.

Due to the large amount of data I added to the site and shifted around, there's a chance some errors snuck in there. If anyone spots a mistake, please do contact me so I can correct it! The same goes for non-working links.

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