Monday, December 3, 2012

Amanuensis Monday: Salomon Mulder’s Military Records Part 1

Amanuensis Monday is a weekly effort to transcribe family letters, journals, newspaper articles, and other genealogical and historical documents, first started by John Newark at the TransylvanianDutch blog. I will not only transcribe the documents, but also do a quick English summary and analysis of the document. In the coming weeks, I will be going over documents pertaining to Salomon Mulder’s military career.

National Guard Record

Volunteers alone were not enough to meet the needs of the National Guard, so a draft was instituted. Every male citizen had to register once they reached the age of 19. This registration below is from my great-grandfather Salomon Mulder.

Militia Record 1920, Leiden - Salomon Mulder’s Registration

Mulder, Salomon
Born: Leiden, 28 November 1900
Residence: Leiden
Father: Wilhelmus Johannes Bonifacius, residence Leiden
Mother: van Wezel, Johanna
Profession: butcher
Education: primary education
Date annexation: 17 January
Where: 2-I-4, Leiden
Remark: 7 May 1919 voluntary commitment as a Marine

Things of note:

Primary education in this case means he could read and write, had some calculus, and maybe a bit of geography. If he was sent to a Christian school, he’d also had some religious education in the form of reading the Bible and praying.

His profession as butcher came as a bit of a surprise, his father was a furniture maker and from my grandmother (his daughter-in-law) I knew he’d been educated as a furniture maker as well. But apparently, when he was 19 he was working as a butcher.

Further avenues of research opened up by this document:

Can I prove Salomon learned furniture making? When did he start working as a butcher? Was it because he did not like furniture making as a profession or because there was not enough work?

2-I-4 is the division Salomon started out in; as far as I know it stands for second infantry fourth division. Check that out and see if there’s any information on them to find.

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