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Amanuensis Monday: Salomon Mulder’s Military Records Part 2

Amanuensis Monday is a weekly effort to transcribe family letters, journals, newspaper articles, and other genealogical and historical documents, first started by John Newark at the TransylvanianDutch blog. I will not only transcribe the documents, but also do a quick English summary (or translation) and analysis of the document. In the coming weeks, I will be going over documents pertaining to Salomon Mulder’s military career.

Front of Salomon Mulder’s Conduite-boekje, which was a book in which a marine’s information was noted down. It had a lot of pages, meant for different things, although not all of them have been filled out. On acquiring this copy, only copies of the pages that had information written on it were sent to me.

Stamboeknummer m 2620 [crossed out]/23492

Here’s Salomon’s military number. The m stands for marine, to distinguish him from navy personnel, which are found in the same records. He evidently had two different numbers during his time, as the first one is crossed out and the second one was written down. I’ve indeed found Salomon under both of these numbers in the records.

Conduite-boekje van Salomon Mulder
zoon van Wilhelmus Johannes Bonifacius Mulder
en van Johanna van Wezel

Conduite-boekje of Salomon Mulder, son of Wilhelmus Johannes Bonifacius Mulder and of Johanna van Wezel.

geboren te Leiden
den 28sten november 1900

Born in Leiden on 28 November 1900.

kerkgenootschap R.C. [abbreviation for Roman Catholic]

Denomination: Roman Catholic

At the bottom is a note that says: voorcontrole gereed, meaning pre-check completed, which is probably an administrative note.

Things of note:

Although a specific date for this conduite-boekje cannot be found, there are mentions in it from as early as 1921 and it has mentions until his pension. The starting date cannot accurately be determined, as information could have been copied, but the end date is most certainly the time of his pension. However, knowing how and why a conduite-boekje were used, I suspect the book was started when he entered his service in 1919; his earlier number on the book would also suggest this. However, some parts have not been filled out as religiously as could be, and that might have something to do with the many loose service-cards there are for Salomon, which seem to have been filled out much more religiously than this booklet in some areas.

This document tells me that Salomon Mulder – and therefore his parents probably too – is Roman Catholic. I know the denomination of two of the three children Salomon had, and it was not Roman Catholic but Dutch Reformed. I would have been looking in all the wrong places for Salomon and his ancestors had it not been for this information!

Further avenues of research opened up by this document:

Roman Catholic records need to be checked for Salomon and his parents. Check to see if I can identify when/why his children changed faith. Did Salomon himself turn to Dutch Reformed or did he stay Roman Catholic?

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