Sunday, October 28, 2012

Little Update on my Genealogy Research

I’m still pretty busy, which shows in both the absence of blog posts in the past few months, as well as in the amount of time I’ve been able to spend on actual research – which is next to nothing. However, things are calming down, so I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of things.

I’ve finally started a long-planned project: a heritage scrapbook. This scrapbook will focus on the children of Hendrik Wesselo – each one that reached adulthood getting their own two-page spread, interspersed with two-page historical spreads connected to the Wesselo’s. I’m pretty excited by it, and it really helped me get back into researching the Wesselo’s. It’s a line where a lot is known already, but I always double-check and this makes it much more enjoyable for me. A sort-of reward for doing the boring work.

On another note of ‘boring’ work, I finally transcribed the information from my visit to the National Archives (see here) to my computer and inputted the data into my genealogy program, including those pesky source citations. All neatly wrapped up!

On the same note, but slightly different, I got an answer from the land records and house research expert, with a neat four-step plan for answering my question. The first (if not the two first) steps will have to be done at the Regional Archives Leiden (RAL). I’m tentatively planning a visit for Friday, since there’s more research I need to go there for, and I really need to go on a day they have full service because I might end up having to ‘flit’ from record to record – no way to say in advance and therefore I cannot reserve my pieces in advance.

And this afternoon, I finally had time to do some proper research! I finished up my bottom-up, top-down research on the Lamboo family. I’d gotten to 1865 in June (see here), and now I’ve gone to around 1815, as far back as the on-line index will allow me. In practice, this means I’ve managed to go back to Jan Lamboo & Catharina van Haastrecht. They married in 1839 and everything after that I’ve got complete basic records for, that correspond with the information in the Lamboo gedcom I got from a cousin. However, there was a different death date for Jan Lamboo, which I believe to be a mistake, but I will need to check the actual records for that. Birth records for the couple are out of my reach for now, I need to figure out which archive holds Catharina’s and I believe Jan’s birth record may be at the CBG in The Hague. But now that I know that the information until then is complete – all family members accounted for, all parents correctly connected to their children – I can go back to the beginning and fill in their stories. Let the fun start!