About Me

I live in the Netherlands, love to read and quilt, and of course love history and genealogy!

Most of my genealogy research concentrates itself on the Netherlands. In particular the region of Leiden and surrounding towns in the province Zuid-Holland, the city of Amsterdam in the province Noord-Holland, and the provinces Utrecht and Zeeland. Several of my ancestors came from Germany and Poland, so that's also an area of research for me, although I'm not actively researching those lines right now. And last but not least, some of my ancestors lived in the Dutch East-Indies for some time, so I also do some research in that region.

In my genealogical research I focus on my direct ancestors and their siblings - or you could say I focus on my direct ancestors and their children. This means that while I do record all children of an ancestor and their spouses, I do not go looking for information on any further descendants of those children. I do record information if I happen to come across it, but I am working backwards in time and am not building a descendancy of one of my far-off ancestors. I'm (currently) only insterested in my ancestry. Perhaps when I've got that 'complete' I will track all the descendants of my earliest known ancestor.

My current research is focused on three areas:

First and foremost I am working on the transcription of letters found in the Wesselo Family Archive (residing at the Central Bureau of Genealogy in The Hague). This material is mainly written by and deals with Hendrik Wesselo (1840-1905) and his children. I am also in the process of writing biographies of each of Hendrik's children. This work is rewarding, but slow going.

Secondly I am working on my Lamboo family line, tracing my ancestors who bear the name Lamboo back as far as I can. I am including their spouses and children in this. This project deals mainly with identifying which people with the name Lamboo in the region are actually related to me and as such I am currently only looking for birth, marriage and death records, giving me all the vital information on my ancestors as well as establishing descendancy.

Third and least, I am working on Salomon Mulder (1900-1986) and in particular am focusing on his military career. There's plenty of material there, but reading and interpreting it is going to take some time.

Here on my blog I focus on my research, as well as local and general history of the Netherlands as it pertains to my ancestors. Contacting me is easy: leave a comment or e-mail me at j.mulder@hotmail.com If you recognize a name here, or think we are somehow related, please don't hesitate to contact me! I've got a lot more information than shown on this blog, so please, do contact me. I'm always happy to share.