I present to you my great-grandparents Bergmann Jozef Knura and Sophia Zbieszczyk (#12 & 13 on my Ahnentafel), and their ancestors. Links to the family sheets of the head of the family as well as links to biographies (as far as available) can be found here. On the family sheets you will find links to all posts dealing with that particular family, as well as a short summary of the data I have on that family. In this way, you can see all of my research into a specific person in an easy and compact form.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me about any person listed here or people in earlier generations. My research is further along than is shown here, because only (partially) complete research ends up on the site. I almost always have more information than is present on the site.

Do be aware that this is ongoing research and some of the information here may be incorrect. If you notice a mistake, please contact me!

Numbers in front of the person refer to their position in the Ahnentafel. Children are below their parents without numbers.

Saturday Surname: Knura

6. Adolph Knura (1914-1990) - Family Sheet
7. Henriette Geertruida Lamboo (see page Lamboo/van Dijk)

12. Bergmann Josef Knura (1879?-?) - Family Sheet
13. Sophia Zbieszczyk (1884?-?)

Anna Knura (1905-1994)
Maria Knura (1908-?)
Adolph Knura (1914-1990) (See #6)
Paul Knura (?-?)
E. "Joep" Knura (?-?)
Miel (Millie) Knura (?-?)
Gertrude Knura (?-?)

No further information on this line available.